dadaland collective: is a proposal for the next iteration of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale scheduled for November/December 2019 and January/February 2020.

dadaland collective: takes as it's point of departure Hugo Ball's description of Cabaret Voltaire: “Everyone has been seized by an indefinable intoxication. The small cabaret is about to come apart at the seams and is going to be a playground for crazy emotions.”

dadaland collective: is Tim Tsang (USA), Anthony Washburn (aka The Implicit Order) (USA), Elle Thorkveld (USA), Milica Raicevic (Serbia), Sava Zolog (aka Darko Vukic) (Serbia), Gabriela Green Olea (Australia), Jose Ramon Alcala (Spain), Kerry Baldry (UK), Parch Es (Mexico), Stefan Ljumov (Serbia), Yvana Samandova (France), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Borjan Zarevski (France), Miloš Bojović (Serbia), Yartn Saloan (Mexico), Michael Borras (aka Systaime) (France), Andrew Stys (UK), and Bob Georgeson (aka anonymous waves) (Australia).